Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The stained Glass cabin of... Neile Cooper

This fabulous stained glass cabin is the work space of super talented stained glass artist Neile Cooper from New Jersey.  Neile sells her hand made stained glass item on etsy.... which she makes is her beautiful stained glass workshop in the woods behind her house in Sparta New Jersey.

Neile became a stained glass window maker but when the recession hit and the work dried up Neile instead decided to make jewellery

 “Part of the inspiration for doing this cabin was that I missed doing large scale work," she says. "I wanted a big project that I could really immerse myself in. If no one was going to hire me to make windows, I would just make them for myself.”

The windows were salvaged by Neile and her mother from craigslist and car boot sales and her partners dad helped put the construction together....

Neile spends her first hour and a half of the day in the cabin doing yoga and drinking coffee..... Perfect!!!!

To see the original article visit Etsy here

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Ceramics: Kinska

Spotted Mug by Kinska

Isnt his spotty mug awesome?

I have two which I had commissioned by Kinska a few years ago and I have been so worried about braking them I had hardly used them until recently... but mugs are for using right?

Check out her online shop here...

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Tea and Me....

Saffron Buns with Rhubarb and Ginger Jam

I am not really one for taking seflies and posting them on my Instagram , as among other reasons I am really tragically un-photogenic......

... but scrolling through my feed this morning I discovered one thing I do seem to like doing is taking tea selfies, especially since I stumbled upon my new hand made mug in a local charity shop!

The last couple of years have been super hectic since having a child, and my tri-daily ritual of having a cup of tea is one of my greatest but simplest pleasures in life. A moment to relax and reflect, even if that means (being a naughty mummy) and giving my little one the ipad for a couple of minutes whilst I do so, because I really do NEED my cup of tea.

What are your daily rituals that keep you sane?

Olivia Clementine Tea and My new Chakki table